Doll up photos of Stephanie Benson, Judith Ellen Awuah, Dorothy Amuah & others at Glitz Africa “She Boss” Seminar

Last weekend was loaded with lots of events, one of such event’s was the Glitz Africa “She Boss” private networking seminar which took place at Patagonia Villagio. The drive behind the seminar was to network among each other, create awareness and educate women / ladies on the dangers of “Breast Cancer” since October is the month set aside to observe “Breast Cancer” awareness. 

Special guests for the night were; jazz queen Stephanie Benson, Judith Ellen Awuah, Dorothy Amuah and Dr. Josephine Nsaful from Korle Bu Teaching Hospital whereas lawyer cum media guru Sandra Ankobra was the host for the night. Notable women from all walks of life like Baisiwa Dowuona Hammond, Ama (winner of Ghana’s most beautiful 2010), Quayba, Nana Akua and host of other women were all present to add more contrast to the seminar and to be self educated. Personally I think it was an eye opening seminar because ladies with many unanswered questions concerning issues of breast cancer were answered. Some even thought it was a spiritual disease but thanks to the organizers of the seminar, they got the right people to answer these questions about the disease. Interestingly the special guests for the night are all survivors of the deadly breast cancer disease, they shared their experiences and tough moments they had to go through battling with the disease. 

Women were adviced to run self examination on their breasts on a regular basis, below are some of the recommended steps to examine your breast :

Step 1

Stand in front of a mirror. Look for any changes from normal. Inspect your breast in 4 steps; 

– Hold your arms at your side. 

– Hold your arms over your head. 

– Press your hands on your hips and tighten your chest muscles. 

– Bend forward with your hands on your hips. 

Step 2

May be repeated while standing, bathing or showering using soapy hands. 

– Lie down on your back with a pillow under your right shoulder. 

– Use the pads of the three middle fingers on your left hand to check your right breast. 

– Press using light, medium and firm pressure in circles without lifting your fingers off the skin. 

– Follow an up and down pattern. 

– Feel for changes in your breast, above and below your collarbone and in your armpit. 

– Repeat on your left breast using your right hand. 

It is very important for ladies to note that, breast self examination must start as early as 20 years there about. Moving on,  women were again adviced to seek medical attention from well  trained medical professionals for periodic breast cancer screening. This must be done every 3 years starting from the age 20 and annually after 40 years.   In case you notice any of the following :- lump, hard knot or thickening, swelling, warmth, redness or darkening, chance in shape or size, dimple or puckering on the skin, itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipples, et al in or on your breasts consult a medical professional.

(Source: John Claude Tamakloe

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