LYRICS: Stonebwoy – Migraine (Migraine Riddim)

BET Award Winner, Stonebwoy’s “Migraine” is banging and creating controversies as well. Just few hours after release, there has been some misinterpretation of the Lyrics Stonebwoy used in this tune. He hereby releases the Lyrics for the song so as you can get the clear meaning and concept of the song. Below is the full lyrics:

Hear Me High Grade
Just through Lack of knowledge
Inna This ah Aiwa (time)
And Through Eye Red
Whole Heap Ah Things I see
And hear say Ah Gwaan
Dem Ah Gimme Migraine
Man And Man chose To Go Move
Inna Dirty Direction
That Haffi Dem Migraine
I can’t take a pill for Another Mans Pain..

I have a Golden Heart
Chat dem A Chat 24Parrot
If them Say A Beef Send Me Some Carrot
I Man A lion No Move Like A Rat
Earth Lock , No Space Deh Ah Jupiter
For All The Man Way A Move Like Lucifer
And I’m in the News Everyday Like Lupita
Breaking Records
Me No Weh Yuh A Hate Me For

Wish Me Bredda Bad
Then A No Me that
Mama Never Grow Me An Idiot
One Man Killer
Me No Step Alone
Run Down Jam Dung To T.Dot
Man A Bad Man Stacking The Mulla
As Long As I No Go End Up Inna No Cooler
That’s Why Man A Speed Fast
And Ah Rough Up And Cut Off The Road Like Scissors..



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