Media Mogul, Bola Ray shares old picture of how he grew from grass to grace.

Boundless, immeasurable, unlimited, infinite, blue skied thinker, business man, entrepreneur cum CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray, has shared an old time picture of his on his instagram page with caption – “Growth. When it started”. 

Mostly, society especially the youths only see the glory of successful people in a different frame of lense which prevents them from knowing the stories behind their successes and glories. One of my favorite quotes from Norman Douglas, reads – the pine stays green in winter, wisdom in hardship.

This brings us to the junction where we should bear in mind, the road to success is not rosy and every successful man has one way or the other battled with hardship. Just as every tree was once a seed, most successful people were once a nobody. But feeding your focus and keeping your eyes on the large picture keeps you going till you get to your various satisfying destinations like Bola Ray and any other success individual.

As a way of injecting some dose of inspiration in our readers, we decided decided to share this with you. 

(Written by: John Claude Tamakloe / Beeniewords



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