Meet Alice Pokua, an artist who uses “Hair” to make dresses

Hair out of the protein filament constitutes majority of human beauty. That is the aesthetics of Art.
Ghanaian Artist cum Creative Designer Alice Pokua Oppong now based in West Germany Aachen is out with a creative collection, a design which entails of synthetic hair extensions of her own locks to create a beautiful cloak for an occasion.
Pokua’s design questions the creativity of most active Fashion and Lifestyle Industry players.

When granted an interview on BBC Africa, she brief her audience on her choice to choose hair as a material over expensive materials, she made known to the presenter how much hair hair equivalent to a material, her thoughts about initiated the drive to use it as her material.

Being one of the numerous Ghanaian Artist/Stylist/Fashion Designers getting the buzz and recognition around their piece of art and personality thus signifies and confirms there are many talents which can be developed and later monetized when given the opportunity to show case their creativity.
Do get interactive with Alice Pokua Oppong via her Instagram handle @alice.pokua.oppong

(Story: Kojo Cure/Beenie Words)



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