Melody FM’s Haruna Babangida set to launch his brand, Blackpride Multimedia

Speaking with him, he says he was only putting his passion into a more broader/wider use. Even though commercial, he says his prime object or focus is to serve his patrons to the best of his ability, placing a lot of emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Blackpride Multimedia is a full media production company, the company offers a lot of multimedia services. They offer services like News, PR Campaign/Advertising, Documentaries ( eg. Wedding documentaries), Lifestyle Graphics/Graphic designing, Radio and Television commercial productions, Events Management/Video Coverage etc.

With top quality equipments and professional crew, he promises quality delivery right from initial concept to final edit.

Blackpride Multimedia has been in operation since 2014, but only took an official and wider service coverage in 2016. For a rest assured result, be sure to work with BP Multimedia.

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