Shatta Wale commemorates veteran dancehall artiste, Terry Bonchaka (Lifeless)

Game changer, business minded, best controversy blazer and multiple award winning versatile reggae/dancehall artist Shatta Wale is in the news again displaying his soft spot which I want to bring to light. Following the journey of his career in the music industry, he has mostly been in the news for equivocal and dubitable reasons. As much as he generates controversies, which has even added up to his success story more, it’s really working for him business wise. It does not deny him the right of been humane.

In as much as critiques bash him when he triggers mind-boggling controversies like he always does, this side of him must equally be appreciated and outdoored to the general public. That was just by the way, let’s not drift away from the main point, it’s been 14 years since maven dancehall and stellar performer Terry Bonchaka joined the heavenly choir. May his soul rest in perfect peace. For the hundreds including Shatta Wale who experienced confusion and emotional discomfort on or around the anniversary of their loved one’s death, he conjured up precious memories when grief surfaced up afresh on the very day we lost his life like ashes blown into the air – 30/10/2003. 

There’s an old adage; every scar has it’s cause. Incontrovertibly, the relationship between Shatta Wale and Terry Bonchaka back then was very tight like bolt and not. Maybe it’s because the bear the same surname “Mensah”. It would have been mammoth to see them jump on a joint, but nature has it’s own definition to life. Below were the words he coughed off his chest via his instagram page:

14 Years since You left Us… TERRY BONCHAKA ?

Bro,  I Miss You Ruff! 

In Your Era,  You were The Only Artist with Different Style of Branding.

Your Lyrics were always On Point,

Your Style of Dressing and Hairstyle.

I always remember That “Comb” in your Bushy Hair, 

Very Humble,  intelligent, Smart and Jovial. 

Almost All your Songs were my Favorite,

Zoozey,  Pulele,  Ghana Ladies,  I’m Aware,  Asem ben ni,  Eny3 m3ni aar and So On. 

I loved how you were able to Blend the Local dialects in your Ragga. 

I can still recall That your Dance “Pulele”

One of the most popular Dance in Ghana, 

And there was no one in Ghana who don’t know how to make this Dance Move.

You came very Late But You Left so Early, 

I wish you were still alive,

I wanted to taste the Combination of You And Shatta Wale,  The “MENSAH’s” Family, 

You guyz Would have made this Industry more Interesting.

But Unfortunately, You left us Unexpected,

I Remember  In 2003, When It was announced that, Jamaica Raggae/Dancehell star SHAGGY was Coming to Ghana, Everybody was happy that,  You were going to meet your Role Model,

But sadly, Shaggy came and you were no where to be found.

In one of Shaggy’s Interview in Ghana,  He said he has heard alot about you and He wanted to Meet You, But unfortunately He Came too Late and he didn’t meet You. 

Your Career Was too short, But you still made a huge impact for Ghana Music, Your Style of Branding helped a lot of the young musicians  to learn how to brand themselves as artist in their own unique way.

Many may not know, But you were the Artist who introduced KING AYISOBA To Ghanaians. 

You Pushed him to the Mainstream and you made Ghanaians to believe In his Talent.

You were the Young Legend Who was Ruling the Industry with your own Style. 

I Miss You Bro,  I really Miss You Here, 

You were too Young,  you were too Young, 

But Jah Know Best Bro. 

Rest In Peace Terry Nii Okang Mensah Adjete???


It’s written in the sacred literature, 

Revelation 21:4 – God himself will be with them [His people]. He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. Shatta has brought back good memories  about the champ. May his soul rest in peace. 

(Story: John Claude Tamakloe/Beenie Words) 



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